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About me

Hi, my name is Sharon Louallen. I am an insurance agent in Cincinnati Ohio with over 5 years of experience as a insurance specialist. I became a professional in this industry to help those that are in need of understanding the sometimes complex and complicated healthcare system. I guide my clients and educate them on their best options, with a friendly, patient approach. In understanding unique situations, I go the extra mile to help my clients navigate insurance and other investment possibilities such as fixed annuities and HMA. I can help with individual plans, and group plans for companies who need their employee benefit plans set up and operational. In my downtime, i love to read, paint, write, I enjoy nature walks, birds, mainly all animals, I love travel solo or with family, and cultural events. A add must in my yearly activities is to volunteer for causes close to my heart, and to give back to my community through service! I am looking forward to helping you, call or email me and i will assist you in protecting your assets!

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