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About me

We created All Plan Med & Life Quote in 1991 as source for guidance on health, life and Medicare related insurance for the residents of Texas, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. Our home territory is The Woodlands, Montgomery and Harris counties, in Texas, and Texas in general. As of today, this marks our 32nd year in business. We were one of the first agencies in the country to market health insurance online and, to our knowledge, the first in Southeast Texas, when we created in 1998. Our success evolved into sister sites, and You will find the products and services of all three consolidated here at our latest site This reflects our ever growing commitment to our hometown.

Whether you feel you qualify for a health insurance subsidy or not-we can assist you! Not only can we greatly minimize your time and effort in acquiring your best health or Medicare related insurance value but once your policy is issued, we are committed to providing the best of service when it comes to unpaid claims; premium increases or your changing needs. There is no need to deal with a different service representative after a series of telephone transfers and extensive hold times. And-by going through us-you are charged no more for your coverage than if you acquired it directly from an insurance company.

We eagerly await the opportunity to be of service to you!

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