Millions of Americans qualify for low-cost individual health insurance

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Health plans are more affordable for many

Thanks to the American Rescue Plan (ARP), an unprecedented number of Americans currently qualify for premium tax credits – health insurance subsidies that substantially lower the cost of individual health insurance.

Under the ARP, consumers are finding:

  • There’s no income cap for subsidy eligibility
  • A lower plan cost for those receiving subsidies

That means that millions of Americans who buy their own health insurance – including the self-employed and others who don’t have employer-sponsored health benefits – have been finding comprehensive individual health insurance with lower premiums. In many cases, consumers are eligible for tax credits that mean they pay zero premiums for Affordable Care Act-compliant plans.

See whether you’re eligible for a subsidy

Use our health insurance subsidy calculator to see whether you’re eligible for a subsidy – and to see the amount of your your subsidy.

Affordable plans with comprehensive coverage

Health plans considered ACA-compliant plans are required to include a list of essential health benefits. These include:

  • hospitalization
  • ambulatory services
  • emergency services
  • maternity and newborn care
  • mental health and substance abuse treatment
  • prescription drugs
  • lab tests
  • chronic disease management

Many can buy coverage right now

Consumers generally enroll in ACA-compliant individual health plans during the annual open enrollment period (which starts Nov. 1). However, you may still be eligible for income-based premium subsidies and possibly cost-sharing subsidies – if you experience a qualifying life event.

There are 13 qualifying events that trigger ACA special enrollment:

  • Involuntary loss of coverage
  • Individual plan renewing outside of the regular open enrollment
  • Becoming a dependent or gaining a dependent?
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Becoming a United States citizen or lawfully present resident
  • A permanent move
  • An error or problem with enrollment
  • Employer-sponsored plan becomes unaffordable or stops providing minimum value
  • An income increase that moves you out of the coverage gap
  • Gaining access to a QSEHRA or Individual Coverage HRA
  • An income or circumstance change that makes you newly eligible (or ineligible) for subsidies or CSR
  • Various exceptional circumstances

Not sure whether you’re eligible for special enrollment? Here’s how to find out:

You can call (888) 855-6837 now or click on your state to find out online

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